Your Pet is your family – at Bethany House of Paws, we understand that. we take your pet’s care very seriously. That’s why we believe we are much more than just a boarding facility. We are here to give love and support to your furry family member while you are away until your return.

Cuddling Buddies

Dog Boarding 

Prices are based on your pets weight

XSmall Dogs (0 lbs - 10 lbs) - $21

Small Dogs (11 Lbs - 25 lbs) - $28

Medium Dog (26 lbs – 50 lbs) - $35

Large Dog (51 lbs – 80 lbs) - $40

Extra Large Dog (81 lbs and up) - $45

Additional Dog $5 off per night

Cat Boarding

Feline Boarding (Per Pet) $20

Cat Stand/bed, Toys and Litter is provided

Pets Sharing a Run or Condo


Dogs Must Be Able to Eat standing next to Each Other.  

We reserve the right to separate dogs if  being in the same run becomes a challenge or if they are not getting along.  

5x6 Runs

Accommodates 2 Large/Medium Dog or 3 Small Dogs

4X5 Runs

Accommodate 1 Large/Medium Dog or 2 Small Dogs

4X4 Condo's

Accommodates 1 Large/Medium Dog, 2 Small Dogs or 2 Cats

*We do require deposit at drop off*

Additional Charges

We will administer medication Daily for: $5

We will administer injections or fluids Daily for: $10

Forgot to bring Food? $5

We will provide food for your dog and charge per meal.