Your Pet is your family – at Bethany House of Paws, we understand that. we take your pet’s care very seriously. That’s why we believe we are much more than just a boarding facility. We are here to give love and support to your furry family member while you are away until your return.

Cuddling Buddies



  • Full Day- $20 per pet

  • Half Day- $15 per pet

Boarding (per night)

  • Small (0-30lbs)- $30

  • Medium (30-60lbs)- $35

  • Large (60+lbs)- $40

  • Cat- $20


  • 5 full day daycare-$80

  • 10 full day daycare-$150

  • 20 full day daycare- $295

  • 5 half day daycare-$60

  • 10 half day daycare- $110

  • 20 half day daycare- $215



  • Nail trim- $20

  • Food (RC GI lowfat)- $8 day

  • Medication administration- $5 per admin

Daycare + Boarding Services

Effective Jan 1, 2022

Pets Sharing a Run or Condo


Dogs Must Be Able to Eat standing next to Each Other.  

We reserve the right to separate dogs if  being in the same run becomes a challenge or if they are not getting along.  

5x6 Runs

Accommodates 2 Large/Medium Dog or 3 Small Dogs

4X5 Runs

Accommodate 1 Large/Medium Dog or 2 Small Dogs

4X4 Condo's

Accommodates 1 Large/Medium Dog, 2 Small Dogs or 2 Cats

*We do require deposit at drop off*